Deadly Poetry

What I find most funny, or rather ironic, is that the same exact kids who bullied me in extreme ways; the same exact kids that drove me to suicidal thoughts and contributed to my clinical depression. They are the ones who are preaching the most about the atrociousness behind these recent suicides. I absolutely hate it when people will talk the talk, but will NEVER walk the walk. And then the people who are truly strong on their beliefs, the ones that would die for what they fight for, are left in the dust.

Yeah, I went there. You know who you are.

Guest Writer: Jack Seely the 1st!

Memo after memo
I’m not your fucking dog
It’s your endless ranting
That makes me act like a slob

Day after day
Paperwork to do
Taking your anger out on me
My only problem is you

I’ve been staying a little later these past few days
Just passing time at my desk
I know when the guards lock up
And I know what rooms they check

So I’ve hatched a little plan
A seed in the back of my mind
Looking for a good spot
A place for me to hide

When they’re coming around
They won’t even see me there
They’ll lock the doors and head home
And I’ll walk into your lair

Find a good spot to hide
Slightly out of view
Wait all through the night
Waiting, for you

When you walk in the next morning
Be ready for a surprise
For I’ll be in your room

Waiting patiently
I hide up in the rafters
Mom, you gonna die

- Jack Seely the 1st

went to see wicked

the wicked which is not dead

Scarlett died, house dropped

Block of ice and glue

Picture wire and hand on head

Ripped my own head off

In the woodchipper

Now Dave’s body will be thrown

It’s his bloody end

With ur handkerchief

I will hang u from the roof

& laugh as u die

Mr.Neal is dead

Aneurysm of the brain

Math is super lame

Morning coffee made

Starts to pour cup but then

Spills, burns, and dies. HA!